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This evening we invite you to gather with your Calvary Chapel family in the Main Sanctuary or on or Facebook and Youtube (Calvary Inverness) as we continue our Wednesday evening Through the Bible series with a message I’ve entitled- “Seek the Lord.”

Tonight, we will look at chapters 18-22 of 1 Chronicles. In chapter 18, just after David brings the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem and has a glorious time of celebration and worship to God, he focuses his attention on the enemies that are surrounding him. At this time, God gives David victory after victory.  

In chapter 19, when the king of the Ammonites dies, David sends a group to offer their condolences to his son, Hanun. The late king was always kind to David, so he's fine with continuing to honor the peace between them. But Hanun's advisors convince him that David's men are in town as spies. So Hanun has them shaved and publicly humiliated. Hanun then
 aligns himself with neighboring countries in the hopes that they can destroy David together.
But David sends Joab along with his army to fight them off. Joab and his brother manage to scare off both the Ammonites and their co-conspirators, the Arameans. They go running, and Joab heads back to Jerusalem. But the Arameans decide to come back. This time, they go up against David himself, and he manages to kill 47,000 with his army.

In chapter 20, It's springtime, and David is still at war.  This time Joab is marching on Rabbah, and God again gives him victory in battle. Meanwhile, David is at home in Jerusalem. David is given many treasures from the victory.

In chapter 21, things are going well for David. But then, one day, Satan moved David to take a census. Joab is totally against David's plan. But what the king wants, the king gets, so Joab goes out and has everyone in Israel counted except Levi and Benjamin's tribes. God is displeased with David. David admits to God that he's done a dumb thing and begs forgiveness.

Finally, in chapter 22, David prepares to build a temple for the Lord. David starts getting plans together for a Temple. He finds builders and workers. He sets aside stones, iron, bronze, and cedar for the building. David goes to his son and lays out his plans for the Temple. David finishes by telling Solomon that he will be successful if he always listens to God and stays faithful. In the last verse of chapter 22, David encourages his son with words that are also a great guide for us, “Now set your heart and your soul to seek the Lord your God.”

Please pray for our time together that we would be changed through His Word by the Holy Spirit. Hope to see you somewhere at Calvary.
Pastor Paul

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