The Righteousness

Sunday (2/26), gather with your church family as we continue our new series in the gospel according to Matthew (5:17-17). It is the first of four gospels that chronicle the birth, life, ministry, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In the previous section (5:1-16), Matthew states that Jesus climbed a mountain when He saw the crowds and sat down. Those disciples who were among the multitude followed Him and stood as He delivered “The Sermon on the Mount.”

Jesus began with eight beatitudes that described the path to true happiness and satisfaction. They are not a series of attitudes that one must strive for to be accepted into His kingdom; they are a work of His Spirit within the believer’s life.

Next, Jesus shared with His disciples the meaning of true righteousness. What He said was beyond anything they had ever heard before. The reason, up until the time of Jesus, the typical observant Jew thought their righteousness came about from their outward obedience to the law of Moses. Everything they did revolved around ensuring they obeyed not just the law but the interpretation of that law given to them by their religious leaders.

 The result was an extra layer of things that they had to do, and after time, it had become an enormous burden that no one could ever fully obey.

Jesus, knowing what had happened to them, began sharing how true righteousness is based not upon what one does but on what takes place in the heart. And the only way to have a heart right with God was to place one’s faith in the One who was perfect in His obedience to every law of Moses.

I look forward to our time together. Please pray for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the entire Calvary Chapel family.

There are several opportunities for worship. On-campus (10:00 am), drive-in church (92.1fm), and online (Facebook, YouTube:  Calvary Inverness); (website:

In His Strong Love,

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