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Tonight (Wednesday, 3/13, 7:00 pm), gather with your Calvary Chapel family in the Holy Grounds Cafe’ or on our website (www.calvaryinv.com), Facebook, and YouTube (Calvary Inverness) as we continue our three-year journey through the Bible by turning to the book of Isaiah (18-23).

In chapters 13-23, God gave ten prophecies of judgment to the ten nations surrounding Israel. Each was a warning for the nations to repent or face the full wrath of His righteousness. Each prophecy contained devastation that would affect millions of people. So destructive were the messages that Isaiah described them as a burden.

Therefore, Isaiah warned each nation, including Israel, to repent of their sins and turn to God in the hope that mercy would be shown to them. But there was no time to wait. Each nation, like people, must make a decision. And by making no decision, a decision is made.

To prove that his word was from God, a number of the prophecies carried a dual fulfillment. That means a part of the prophecy would be fulfilled in the immediate future, proving God’s words to be accurate.

The dual fulfillment was not only for those of Isaiah’s time but ours. There is another final judgment from God that will cover the entire earth. If the Lord tarries and we are still here, next week (3/20), we will study the “Great Tribulation,” which Isaiah covers in chapters twenty-four through twenty-seven.

Those prophecies that have been partially fulfilled should inspire each one of us to examine our lives, to see if we are living a life pleasing to the One who has called us into a relationship with Him, to diligently study so that we can accurately share with others the reason for the hope we have in Christ, and live with complete confidence that the One who has begun a good work in us will bring it to completion at the day of His return for the church.

Please pray that this three-year journey through the Word of God will be received by open hearts that long to grow in the Grace and Knowledge of Jesus.

Moreover, He would do deep and abiding work in and through us for a world in desperate need of a Savior.

In His Strong Love,

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