Jesus And Hypocrisy


Sunday (1/28), gather with your church family as we turn our attention to Matthew 16:1-12. Jesus had returned from His ministry in Northern Israel. Awaiting Him was a group of men who had made it their mission to discredit Him, His ministry, and the numerous miracles He had performed.

When confronted with a demand to perform a sign proving He was from heaven, Jesus spared no time calling them out for their hypocrisy. He knew He could do nothing to turn them from their unbelief. So, for the final time, Jesus turned away from the religious leaders of Israel and thus doomed them to the eternal consequences of their apostasy.

Jesus then urged His disciples to get into the boat so they could quickly escape the influence of those leaders His men had listened to their entire lives.

When they landed, Jesus warned them to beware of those men’s leaven (the doctrine of hypocrisy), which, if not dealt with, would lead to a religion that focused on external things rather than the internal matters of the heart.

The disciples had no clue what Jesus was saying. They thought He referred to the bread they had forgotten to bring on their trip across the Sea of Galilee.

Knowing their conversation, Jesus said, “O, you of little faith” (16:8). He rebuked them for their lack of faith. After the time they had spent following, watching, and listening to Him, they should have been much further along in their belief in who He is and the purpose of His coming.
Through this narrative, two types of faith are revealed. A Shallow faith that relies on signs (supernatural healings and miracles) and lasting faith (an unshakable trust in Jesus Christ).

The disciples had the first. And that is one of the reasons Jesus had them leave the multitude.
 He needed the solitude to tutor and prepare them for His departure. When Jesus finished with them, they would be ready to lead the church and change the world forever.

 I look forward to our time together. Please pray for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the entire Calvary Chapel family.

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