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2 Kings 16:1-19:37
This evening we invite you to gather with your Calvary Chapel family in the Holy Grounds Café or on or Facebook and Youtube (Calvary Inverness), as we continue our  Wednesday evening Through The Bible series with a message I’ve entitled- “Listen to God’s Lessons”.

In chapter 16 we see King Ahaz rules Judah and reigns for sixteen years. He was a bad king, making human sacrifices with fire to Molech. Judah is attacked by Syria and Israel. Ahaz asks Assyria for help, so Assyria attacks Damascus and forcibly deports its people. Ahaz builds a false altar like the one he sees at the Damascus altar. Ahaz dies, to be replaced by Hezekiah.

As we move to chapter 17, we watch Hoshea rule Israel for 9 years, and he disobeys God. Assyria imprisons Hoshea after uncovering his conspiracy against them, besieges Samaria, and takes Israel away as captives. The reason for Israel’s demise is its disobedience, and its rejection of repeated warnings. Assyrians settle in Samaria, which is now a mishmash of different religions and religious practices.

Then in chapter 18 Hezekiah rules Judah, and obeys God, removing the high places and destroying the bronze serpent of Moses which was worshipped idolatrously. Hezekiah defies Assyria and subdues the Philistines. Assyria takes Israel captive. Assyria took the fenced cities of Judah. Hezekiah tries to buy peace from the Assyrians, but Assyria threatens nonetheless. Rabshekah, the general of the Assyrian king Sennacherib, delivers an insulting speech about defying the Assyrians, trusting in the Lord, and trusting in the Egyptians. But although the enemy tries to rule by fear, God is about to show His faithfulness to those who trust in Him.

In chapter 19 King Hezekiah consults Isaiah, who speaks words of assurance on behalf of God to Hezekiah: Sennacherib will be defeated, and killed in his own land. Hezekiah remembers God’s promise, prays, connects God to the problem they are facing, and remembers that God is greater than any other king or threat coming his way. Then Isaiah prophesies against Sennacherib. An angel kills 185,000 Assyrian soldiers. Sennacherib returns home and is killed by his sons while worshipping in a pagan temple. All God said He would do was just as He had promised.

These chapters show us many lessons that God wants us to remember.  Please pray for our time together that we hear from God’s Word and respond to the work of the Holy Spirit in our hearts. See you somewhere at Calvary.
Pastor Paul

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