The Prophet Elisha


Tonight (Wednesday 09/07, 7:00 pm), gather with your Calvary Chapel family in the Holy Ground Cafe’ or on our website (, Facebook, and Youtube (Calvary Inverness) as we continue with our three-year journey through the Bible (2 Kings 5-9).

Elisha, whom Elijah had found and anointed according to God’s direction, would prove to be more than a pupil and successor to Elijah. God worked through Elisha to be a close friend, ministry partner, and confidant. Thus, Elisha became what people need today.  A friend.  Someone who is there through the thick and the thin. Someone who encourages you when down and challenges you when you are slacking.

God provided Elisha double the opportunities then Elijah to have a relationship with Kings in the South and the North, speak truth to power, and perform miracles that provided for the basic needs of people who were suffering due to the famine that was prevalent at that time and was a sign to the followers of false gods that the God of Israel was superior.

The Bible states that Elisha would perform double the miracles that Elijah had.  His ministry would impact the Kings of Northern and Southern Israel, the people that had been forgotten and left behind by society, and the Gentiles. They would, along with everyone else that encountered Elisha, come to know that the God of Israel is God and that there is no other.

Please pray that this three-year journey, through the Word of God, will be received by open hearts that long to grow in the Grace and Knowledge of Jesus. And that He would do a deep and practical Work in and through us for a world in desperate need of a Savior.
In His Strong Love,

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