Give Thanks To The Lord!

Text: 1 CHRONICLES 14:1-17:27

This evening we invite you to gather with your Calvary Chapel family in the Main Sanctuary or
on or Facebook and Youtube (Calvary Inverness), as we continue our
Wednesday evening Through the Bible series with a message I’ve entitled- “Give Thanks to the

Tonight, we will look at chapters 14-17 of 1 Chronicles. In chapter 14 we pick up with King David
taking on more wives and they start producing princes and princesses. At the same time the
Philistines are worried. They just got rid of Saul and now some other more powerful, more
formidable king has risen up in his place. So, they set out to attack David. But David asks God
what he should do. God tells David that He will give him the victory and he will crush the
Philistine army.

In chapter 15 we see it’s time to move the Ark of the Covenant again. This took much
preparation and planning. And no one wants a repeat of what happened last time the Ark was
moved. This time, everyone follows all the correct rules (like carrying the Ark on poles instead
of trying to touch it with human hands). David has the Levites appoint musicians and singers to
play in celebration of the Ark's arrival.  

In chapter 16 the Ark is finally home in Jerusalem. David leads the people in worship by singing
a song of praise to the Lord. Later, Asaph thanks God and praises him in song. These verses are
some of the most beautiful praise and worship lyrics in all of scripture and they are very
instructive to us concerning our worship. In the songs of praise they remember back since the
days of Abraham, and how God protected his chosen people. He helped them be fruitful and
multiply, gave them a homeland, and delivered them from their enemies.

Finally in chapter 17 the Ark is safely in a tent, but David's feeling a little guilty. So, he calls on
his prophet/friend Nathan to join him. David tells Nathan that it just doesn't seem right. After
all, David lives in a nice house made of cedar wood but the Ark of God’s covenant is dwelling
under a tent. God gives Nathan a dream to speak to king David that although what is in his
heart pleases the lord, he will not be the one to build a house for the Lord. In this chapter the
Lord speaks many blessings over David and his family. David is grateful to God for all the
blessings He has promised him. He's just one lowly king and God is the Creator of Heaven and

I trust that the Lord will show us many lessons from the life of David as we study these chapters
this evening. Please pray for our time together that we would be changed through His Word by
the Holy Spirit. Hope to see you somewhere at Calvary.
Pastor Paul

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