"Trusting God In The Toughest of Times"

Trusting God in the Toughest of Times
Text: Habakkuk 3:1-19

Tomorrow, we invite you to gather with your Calvary Chapel family in the Main Sanctuary or on Calvaryinv.com or Facebook and Youtube (Calvary Inverness), as we meet to fellowship, worship, study God’s Word, and pray for one another.

In our lives today many are facing daunting and uncertain circumstances and life may even seem hard and cruel. In those times that we will all go through at one point or another, we need to remember the goodness and faithfulness of Almighty God. Habakkuk the prophet saw the cruelty and consequences of life. He did not understand everything that was going on around him but even in the midst of great calamity, we see in chapter 3 of Habakkuk that he was at peace.

So how did Habakkuk get from a place of confusion and worry and fear to a place of faith and confidence and joy?  How was he able to make that transition when nothing around him changed?  The people were still mocking God, violence still filled the streets, and the Babylonians were still coming to attack Jerusalem. Outwardly, everything was still as messed up as it was at the very beginning.

But something changed inside of Habakkuk.  How did that happen? It starts with remembering.  Habakkuk looked back and remembered the faithfulness, the character, and the goodness of God.  And Habakkuk prays as he goes down memory lane thinking about the goodness and of the power of God and it changes his outlook on the situation.

Someone put it this way, “The more Habakkuk knows about the Planner, the more he can trust the plans.” As this man of God remembered, he trusted God even more, his faith in God was strengthened, and he had a growing relationship with God. Habakkuk 3 gives us great insight into how we can do the same in life’s toughest times.

Tomorrow we will examine this chapter with a message I’ve entitled- “Trusting God in the Toughest of Times”. Please pray for our time together that we hear from God’s Word and respond to the work of the Holy Spirit in our hearts. See you somewhere at Calvary.
Pastor Paul

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