Worship In The Upper Room

Tonight (Wednesday 04/13, 7:00 pm), we will gather in the main sanctuary for an evening of worship and communion.

The hour of Jesus’ trial had come. This was the reason He was born. Every time He taught, opened blinded eyes, deaf ears, or brought the dead to back life, it pointed to this moment in time. The moment, He would give His life for the salvation of mankind.

Before Jesus went to the cross, He desired to spend one last Passover with His disciples. During the meal, He shared His heart with those who had been with Him. John the beloved recorded those words for us in John 13-17. It began with Jesus washing His disciple's feet and ended with His priestly prayer in the garden of Gethsemane.

Every word He spoke was full of passion. Words that relayed the purpose of His death and the promise of His resurrection. He wanted to impart words to His disciples and for us who belong to His church. Words that would sustain His disciples through the darkest moments of their lives. Words that would undergird them with the confidence of the promise of everlasting life.

We will celebrate that night in the upper room. The service begins with the words of Jesus inviting His disciples to join Him for Passover. Then, from our “Pastoral Care Team,” the men will read a portion of Jesus’ words recorded in John 13-17. Between each section, the worship team will lead us in song.

After the last words spoken by Jesus in John 17, we will commemorate His death and resurrection with communion. An opportunity will be given for you to give thanks out loud for the body and blood of Jesus. This will be a moment of beauty as we listen to one another, giving thanks to Jesus for what He has done.

The service's live stream (Facebook, YouTube: Calvary Inverness, and website: calvaryinv.com) is available for those who cannot attend. You may not be with your church family in person, but you will still be able to participate in all that God is able and willing to do.

Hope to see you.


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