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Tomorrow (Sunday, 09/20) there are several opportunities for worship. On campus (10:00am & 12:00pm), drive-in church (92.1fm), and online (Facebook:  Calvary Inverness). 

We continue our brand new series, "The Return of the King," by turning our attention to the Apostle Paul's second letter to the Thessalonians (2:13-17). 

Paul had written to the church of the Thessalonians to confront the lie that Jesus had already returned and the persecution and affliction they had suffered was due to them being left behind and going through the 'Great Tribulation.'

He had begun the chapter by reminding them that three things had to take place before Jesus returned.  First, the apostasy had to come, and it hadn't; second, the man of sin had to be revealed, and he had not; and third, the restrainer (The Holy Spirit within the church) had to be removed and He had not.  

After Paul laid the foundation concerning the Pre-Tribulation rapture of the church, he soothed their anxiety by writing concerning the "everlasting consolation and good hope by grace" (2 Thessalonians 2:16) that had been given to them. And, like all gifts from God, it wasn't something that was earned or deserved but freely given due to God's love for them.

Because of this incredible gift, the church shouldn't ever worry about being left behind when Jesus returned. Why? Because God is love and it's not possible for, nor would it ever enter into His mind, to allow His people to suffer by going through a Tribulation that was not meant for them but for the Christ-rejecting world. 

When believers are "able to comprehend what is the width and length and depth and height- and to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge" (Ephesians 3:18-19), then they will be filled with an incredible "peace that transcends all understanding" (Philippians 4:7) and be able to "rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory"(1 Peter 1:8).

And, when believers are constantly reminded of the absolute, solid as a rock, truth of God's Word, then they will be able to discern between that which is true and that which is false. And, instead of being "tossed to and fro from every wind of doctrine" (Ephesians 4:14), they will be steadfast and established in the faith.

Look forward to our time together. Please pray for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the entire Calvary Chapel family.

Awaiting His Return,



SUNDAY SERVICES: 10am and 12pm; Main Sanctuary.

MONDAY, WEDNESDAYS, & FRIDAY NIGHTS;  Main Sanctuary and Live Online Via Facebook through the month of August.

FRIDAYS: Summer series..7pm; Friday night with Jesus.. the ministry of Jesus; Matthew - John.

AUDIENCE OF ONE; Friday, October 2; reservations only; call the office to reserve.; Also Live online via Facebook

The office is open Tuesday thru Thursday, 10:00am-2:00pm...

Soup Kitchen; Thursdays; 11am-12:30pm; Fellowship Hall


Asking everyone, who attends, to refrain from handshaking, hugging or congregating in groups of more than ten.


It's understandable when asked to refrain from that which is natural for Christians to do (handshaking, hugging, etc.) there will be a negative reaction. 


Calvary Chapel Inverness is made up of many spirit filled Christians who have a myriad of opinions of what guidelines should and should not be followed.  


It's beneficial to remember the Apostle Paul faced the same type of dilemma with the church in Rome and Corinth. 

Their challenge was not 'social distancing' but "food offered to idols" and "what day they should gather for worship." 

After hearing from all sides he wrote, "We who are strong must be considerate of those who are sensitive about things like this. We must not just please ourselves. We should help others do what is right and build them up in the Lord" (Romans 15:1-2).

Therefore, with a humble heart and a desire to serve, each of us should seek to abide by the "social distance" protocols.  And, at the same time, ask the Lord to remove the Covid-19 virus and heal all who have been affected by it (physically, emotionally, economically and spiritually).

The sanctuary has been modified to comply with the social distance guidelines of six feet. Ushers are available to assist everyone who attends.


Masks are available (not required) for those who feel more comfortable wearing one while in public.


No need to make a reservation. The campus is big enough that we can accommodate a large number of people and still be able to abide by the social distance guidelines.


Those who are not comfortable being in public, but want to get out of the house, you can drive to the church, remain in your car, and hear the entire service on 92.1 fm.


For those who are sick, not feeling well, under the care of a physician, dealing with a compromised immune system, or not ready to be in a public gathering, please continue to worship with us online. Facebook and Youtube (Calvary Inverness), Sunday 10:00 am and 12 pm; Monday 7:00 pm, Wednesday, 7:00 pm, Friday, 7:00pm. 


Please continue to pray for the Pastors, Elders and the entire church family.


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