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SUNDAY 11-17-19






Dear Prayer Partners,


This Sunday (11/17) we turn our attention to Luke 22:39-53.


Jesus and His disciples had just finished the Passover meal.  Afterwards, they left the room and went to the garden of Gethsemane. Gethsemane means 'olive press.'  It was a grove of olive trees where Jesus had made it His custom to come to commune with His Father.


Luke calls it "the place" (Luke 22:40).  His words emphasized that Jesus had made it His habit and custom to come to that grove of olive trees. His prayer life was very important to Him. It was "the place" He received comfort, strength, and instruction. 


Luke especially liked to focus on Jesus' prayer life.  Repeatedly through his Gospel, he detailed the when, where, how and why Jesus made prayer a priority.


It was no accident that Jesus had chosen Gethsemane as "the place."  


It what there that He would fully submit to His Father's plan of salvation. And, It had been determined long before the foundation of the world. 


It was "the place" where He would completely submit His will to the will of God. 


It was "the place" where He would agonize in prayer, dealing with the most severe spiritual warfare known to man.


It was "the place" where an angel was dispatched, from Heaven, to strengthen Him


It was "the place" where He would instruct His disciples to follow His example of consistent and persistent prayer.


It was "the place" where He would give Judas one last opportunity to repent.


It was "the place"  He would willingly surrender Himself to those who would crucify Him.


It was "the place" that began the fulfillment of the prophecies concerning His death and resurrection.


Finally, it was "the place" that His "victory over sin and death" and "our salvation" was assured.


Do you have "the place" where you can meet with your Lord on a daily basis?


Please invite as many as you can (Sunday, 10:00 am). Time is shortJesus is coming and the harvest is plentiful.


Hope to see you,






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